Friday, May 10, 2013

MY 10 COMMANDMENTS - A Mother's Gift on her Birthday !!

It's my Abalone's Birthday. The trend is such, so we too have made this more of a ritual at home to celebrate Mother's day on MY Mother's Birthday.

In my absence I am very sure that she has tried to read my mini diary which she had herself encouraged me to develop the knack to, quite a writer she indeed is - Her first poem on Jawaharlal Nehru entitled "Karti hai fariyaad yeh dharti", I remember every word of the prose for she made me learn it, has tendency to put any Bollywood melodramatic mother to shame when she is on a roll, calm & compost most of the times, I could feel the desire in her to always check my phone or my bag for that matter, would crib that I don't help her in any of the chores yet get tearful as soon as I would stand up for her assistance, would be ready for a quarrel with me and in the night; would sleep by my side and allow me to teddy her. Would curse me the very moment I would get up to have not accomopanied her to her morning walk but believe my routine used to pacify her in a few seconds that at times she would get me a rose. I developed a habit to carry a rose with me everyday in Nashik and then in Shillong too, my mother thought I need it. Flowers always have kept me going. Any part of the day and in case you get me a flower, I would switch to the mood who intend me to.

As she turns 48 today, she has gifted me 10 commandments to follow in a married life. I am definitely sticking to it my Love !!

In the yore, this special day was celebrated as a festival for she made it a point to prepare a home made eggless cake and even today as I write this, she is busy arranging and preparing (very predictable) dinner for her guests who are about to leave Thanjavur. Fond of cooking?? Very. She called me up yesterday that she prepared Kaju Katli in my remembrance (I bear the sweetest tooth on earth possibly). All said and done - I AM A BLESSED BABY OF MY GORGEOUS MOTHER !!

1. Be pleasant, warm, understanding and friendly to your husband. Honour your husband by keeping a pleasant tone in voice. Listen to him, talk about his day especially if it was a difficult one.
2. Do not disturb your husband when he is in office.
3. Communication is the key to good and solid marriage. Do not hide or keep secrets. Be honest, find time to sit and talk to your husband daily. Be a good listener to him. Good communication helps to build trust and strengthens relationships.
4. Don't greet him with complains and problems the moment he comes back from work. treat yur husband with respect. Never humiliate him in private or public.
5. Take major decisions about family after mutual consultation. Try to solve all issues by discussion and do not involve outsiders.
6. Be supportive especially in times of trouble. Love him through his success and also failures and try to provide reasuurance when he is feeling down.
7. Do not nag as no man likes a nagging wife.
8. Plan surprises like organizing his birthday party, giving gifts or making special dishes.
9. Express your love and appreciation often, as men like to hear the words "I Love You". Maintain a clean, decorative and pleasant atmosphere at home.
10. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and vows taken at the time of marriage should be kept in all conditions with honesty, loyalty and dedication.