Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bridging the gap between Man and Interiors

Trends ahead and an advice - Don't just buy things. Buy things that make you smile !! - You would know it.

With the changing trends and the need to make lives more comfortable and luxurious, it has become inevitable to bridge the gap between the inner you and the outer you. Interiors define owner's personality.

Vertical gardening, Furry chairs, Floral decors with White background, Mismatches (Yes!! you got it right), African Interiors, Euroceils, Lovely niches, Walls inspired by various stuccos and calligraphy, Surrealism-influenced murals would witness 2013. Also, there persists a very relevant saying - "Older the wine, better the taste". Your Grandmothers always have a lot to share and the advice can lit up the otherwise idle and boring rooms.