Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A healthy toast to feast on

Wish to stay young and ever green.....We all. With the news rife of Madonna's new oxygen machine at home don't even you wonder what is apposite to eat??

  • Olive Oil 
  • Cod liver oil (For veggies you even get it in the form of capsules)
  • Green Tea
  • Walnuts
  • Sweet potato
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber
  • Vitamin E
They all do it.Yes!! The Stars.... You too can try it. Here are 5 simple facial exercises also for orbicular oculi (Scientific term?? Its the upper eye lid) to have a youthful and wrinkle free skin:-
  1. Partially wink one eye at a time followed by the other and press fingers onto temple, slightly pulling it back keeping the eye tightly closed.
  2. Stretch the skin along the mouth with fingers.
  3. Elevate the lower lip to almost trample the skin of chin-Hold it for 2 minute and gradually release the chin.
  4. With the tongue touching the roof of the mouth, bring the chin down towards the neck holding the tongue in the same position.
  5. Brows up and ears back sans touching them. Hold it for 2 minutes.
Note: Perform every step 20-25 times each

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Step Up

All I want to do is stay here right on the floor
get lost in the night and dance like there is no tomorrow.....Familiar eh??

This is a posting primarily for Jazz.... There were times in the yester years when Jazz was considered a curse owing to its influence to drag people into misdemeanors but today it has become a rich music.The dance of aesthetes, which brings along its own beauty....I love this flamenco guitar I was listening to the other day and wish it was possible to move with the rhythm and you know why is it difficult?? It is because you cannot escape from the muse of the mellifluous music.
It has its own charisma....

"Ever heard of a note; so exotic that you want to wear it
as a ring of your life and collect it as a precious jewel in your thoughts
a music so.... congenial when you are happy,so reciprocative when you are sad
and still effectively depicts the affluence of your choice"

They call it PIVOT: Yes the twirl in Jazz is called by that name.... Open both the arms freely and put left leg behind; now get on your toes and rotate 360 degree anti clockwise smoothly.....A Jazz dancer is discriminated on the basis of the efficiency in performing those twirls and no.So this is where quality as well as quantity matters.

More such tips to come your way....Keep me posted!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swastik Gems

Have precious gem at home but don't know where to place it?
Here is a very amiable tip for you:
The pious symbol Swastik has 8 directions:
Place Emerald in north
Yellow sapphire in north east
Ruby in East
Diamond in South east
Coral in South
Gommad in South west
Blue sapphire in West and
Pearl in North west

Father's day special

Dear Blog,

16th June 2006, just 2 days prior to Father's day before I could give a present to my father, he himself gifted me treasure of my life. Though, the whole concept is inexplicable but he presented me a golden rule to judge people while me, my father and my mother were on a morning walk (a part of daily routine).

You will come across two types of people in your life: The ones who would eulogize you i.e. your praisers/so called well wishers and the ones who would criticize you i.e. your critics. The admirers would intend to confide in you because you tend to be carefree about such folks and critics on the other hand, in an attempt to harm you tend to alarm you.True friends neither condemn you nor appreciate you. Its not mind mazing to find such friends as it is not expected of you to anticipate decorated words for you from them.And I follow this....

The spring has come....

Here comes the messenger of the Lord of light
The doe eyed sparrow with its feathers so bright
He heralds the arrival of darkness arch rival
Tender plants unveil their buds in the bowels of the earth

And the sun with it brings the first tell tale of spring
Yes! it is dawn and "the spring has come" 
with all its glory and to embrace my tomb