Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Silhouette to Light

New Delhi

Diwali is here again as it always does.It is not merely about the ocular sensuality that fetches its place to decorate the forehead, neck, ears, hands and ankles. With Tanishq's Lowe Lintas trying to move it from its renowned Jewellery brand to real life insights (as observed in the recent ad campaign featuring Arundhati Nag) ,Gold touching its new high in the stock markets and Dhanteras round the corner it is high time when the admirers of its beauty need to realize the worth of experiencing the magic of Gold.
  This insight would bring along revolution in the yellow metal's popularity even among its makers who fear the loss of their jobs with the price of the metal soaring.This year IIJW captured ravishing yester year's beauty Sharmila Tagore walking on the ramp studded with utterly gorgeous necklace which beautified it even more. The makers from Rajkot and Jaipur have received accolades for their work from recipients across the globe for their intricate workmanship in bridal jewellery. Let us grab it before it becomes unaffordable and merely a tradable commodity in the bowsers.