Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's day special

Dear Blog,

16th June 2006, just 2 days prior to Father's day before I could give a present to my father, he himself gifted me treasure of my life. Though, the whole concept is inexplicable but he presented me a golden rule to judge people while me, my father and my mother were on a morning walk (a part of daily routine).

You will come across two types of people in your life: The ones who would eulogize you i.e. your praisers/so called well wishers and the ones who would criticize you i.e. your critics. The admirers would intend to confide in you because you tend to be carefree about such folks and critics on the other hand, in an attempt to harm you tend to alarm you.True friends neither condemn you nor appreciate you. Its not mind mazing to find such friends as it is not expected of you to anticipate decorated words for you from them.And I follow this....

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